Your email address is important




Your email address is important

When you order our product, you will have to enter an email address. This email address is important, because the download link for the software and license numbers are sent to this email address.

AADS WorldWide LTD does not send spam to you. Like you we do not appreciate to receive spam. You can read our privacy policy here . Basically the only thing we do with your email address is sending an email with the download link and license numbers, and reply on your emails.

The email address you enter must be a "normal" and "valid" email address. Sometimes ordering is done using an email services that has all kind of anti-spam functions, or is a temporary email address, and does require us to reply and to confirm your email address. These kind of email addresses can not be used when ordering, because the shop is fully automatic and does not understand your anti-spam-temporary-email address.

Also, valuable information like upgrades, software and information about license numbers etc, are ONLY sent to your email address. So, if someone popups in our emailbox and claims to own licensenumber 1234-5678-ABCD, but his/her email address does not match the email address of you we have in the administration, this person will not get any valuable information or software from us. Example:


The procedure for changing your email address is as follows:

Option 1

Send a request to us (support  @  for changing your email address. In this request you mention that you want to change your email address from


Important: this request must be sent using the email address

assuming that this old email address is the address as we have it in the administration.

Option 2

If your old email address is not available anymore, send an email to us with an attachment containing a scanned copy of an ID, like a passport or drivers license, or an invoice from an electricity company.
The information in the scanned copy, like name, address, etc, should match with the information as we have it in the administration.

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