Re-New Online License




Re-New your AADS Terminal Server, Online License

Online License Type

The License tabpage of AADS Control and Maintenance shows the License type. In the example above, it is a Demo License, which is an Online License type, valid for 60 days. The End-date is shown.


Automatic License Re-New, Online License Type

When the License Type is "Online License" type, default it will re-new itself automatically.
Approximately every 5 a 6 days the License will be renewed.


Manual License Re-New, Online License Type

In case it is preferred not to connect the AADServer to the Internet, it is possible to use a browser for the re-newing of the "Online License".
The AADServer can be disconnected from the Internet.

In such a case, de-select Automatic License Update, and click on the Apply-button.
And when the AADServer needs to re-new the temporary Online License, it will be shown as follows:

When the "Online License" needs to be re-newed, a "LIC REQUEST" will be shown.

Copy-and-paste the complete "LIC REQUEST" in to a browser, in to the "License Request" procedure on our website:



Click on the "submit-button", and after a few seconds, a "LIC REPLY" is shown:


Copy the whole "LIC Reply" into AADS Control, and click on the "Set License" button:

Click on the "Set License" button.

After a couple of seconds, the "LIC Reply" is processed by the AADServer, and such is shown as follows:


Offline License Type

The Full, Paid version of AADS Terminal Server can use both an "Offline" and "Online License Type".
In case an "Offline License Type" is being used, it is shown as follows:

The Offline License Type does not need Internet access and does not need to be re-newed.


Be sure to read the paragraph about "Notifications" in the Enterprise Manual or Small Manual.
When Notifications are enabled, the AADServer will sent an email to the Administrator when the Manual License Re-New procedure needs to be done.


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