License numbers and License types




License numbers and License types


1 License, 1 Server

Our main License Term , and business, is

When installing a license, this license is bound to the hardware and operating system of the server. You can not run a license simultaneously on two or more servers at the same time. In case you have bought a Full license, you can view your license history using Download the latest version of AADS Terminal Server / View License History form.

Re-install a License

You can always re-install the AADS License on the same server. For example, if we publish an update of AADS Terminal Server, and you have downloaded this new version of AADS, and you want to install it, you can always install this new version of AADS Terminal Server and your License on your current AADS Terminal Server. See the manual for details.

If you want to install your AADS License on a second, different server, read on.......

Offline and Online Licenses

The license type of our product can be an "Online" or an "Offline" license.

Pro / Con of an "Online" License

+ At any moment you can migrate your license to the next server, without any need for us. In case you need to do some testing or research, or you want to be flexible, you will be able to install AADS Terminal Server on your next server.
+ The Online License type makes it possible to update AADS automatically in the event we have published an update.
- The server needs an Internet connection and needs to be able to connect to our license servers. Approximately every 5 - 6 days, it sends a request to our license servers for a temporary license. If your Internet connection fails, AADS Terminal Server will also fail after 10 -12 days. When doing a remote login, the user is informed about the failing license.
It is possible to disconnect the AADS Terminal Server from the Internet. You will need to do a "manual license re-new ", using a browser.


Pro / Con of an "Offline" License

+ The server does not need an Internet connection. Only once while running the AADS Terminal Server Setup program an internet connection is required.
-  There is no automatic installation of an update in the event we have published an update. It will be required to manually check our website for updates, download the update and install the update.
- If you want to install your license on the next, different server, a License Reset is required.


AADS Terminal Server Demo


AADS Terminal Server Full

The full, payed versions of our products do use an "Offline" license as default. This implies that only once, while running the Setup program, an internet connection is required. After the installation of AADS Terminal Server, you can disconnect the AADServer from the Internet.


Changing License Type from Online to Offline, or vice versa

If you have a full, paid version of AADS Terminal Server, it is possible to change the License Type using the Offline versus Online License type procedure. After you have changed the License Type from Online to Offline, or vice versa, it is required to re-install the AADS Terminal Server software. Do not un-install AADS Terminal Server. Re-run the AADS Terminal Server Setup program on top of the current installation. The AADS Terminal Server Setup program will set the license correctly.


HTTP Port 80

A HTTP-request and reply is sent to our License Servers in order to validate your license. AADS Terminal Server behaves like a normal browser when contacting the License Servers. It does a HTTP-request on port 80.

HTTP Proxy

Optional you can specify a IPv4 HTTP-Proxy server (IPv6 Proxy is not supported...)


Domain Names

The following Domain Names are used for the License Verification protocol:

IP Addresses of our License Servers

Currently we operate Farms with License Servers at the following IP Addresses:

Please note: although we do attempt not  to change these IP Addresses, we can not guarantee that we will never ever change them...


The details of the license number

A license number is represented in 2 different ways:

When you are installing AADS Full, you will need to enter the License Number in the 12 position format.
AADS Maintenance Control will show you the License Number in the 18 position format.

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