License Reset




License Reset

It is always possible to (re-)install AADS Terminal Server again on the same server. For example: if you want to install the latest version of AADS Terminal Server on your current server, you can always do this.
It is not required to reset the AADS Terminal Server License for such an occasion.
However, it might happen that for unforeseen reasons it is required to Reset an AADS Terminal Server license such that it can be installed on the next, different server.

Resetting an AADS Terminal Server License can be done using the Reset procedure.

Resetting an Online License Type

If the AADS Terminal Server License is an Online License Type, normally a License Reset is not required. The benefit of the Online License type is that it can be installed on the next server, without any required intervention.

However, we have implemented "sanity limits" in the AADS License Protocol. For example, you can not install a license 20 times in 1 day.
In the unlikely event that these "sanity limits" are reached, it is possible to Reset an Online License Type.
When this unlikely event does happen, it is certainly recommend to review first other options before attempting to install AADS Terminal Server again after the License Reset.
For example, it is recommend to view all issues as indicated by the Windows Eventlog or seek local IT-consultancy which can first fix all non-AADS issues.

No Fee is required for such a License Reset.

Resetting an Offline License Type

The economic lifespan of a server is 3 years. Starting with this statement, it is expected that an AADS Terminal Server License is used on the same server for 3 years.
However, it might happen that a server stops working sooner then 3 years.

An Offline License can be Resetted 6 months, 180 days, after the last installation. This enables the installation of the AADS Terminal Server License on the next server.
No Fee is required for such a License Reset.

License Reset Fee

Normally there is no Fee for a License Reset. However, if it is not a "normal" situation, we do ask a Fee for covering the associated support costs.
A Fee will be required in the following situations:

The Fee is calculated as follows:

Example 1:

Example 2:

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