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Checklist for sending a support email

Step 1

Step 2

Maybe your problem is already fixed by us. Be sure to check the ChangeLog. If you are running an old build of AADServer,  download the latest build and install it. Do not un-install AADServer; re-install the latest build on top of the current installation.

Step 3

If the previous 2 Steps do not fix the problem, please let us know and tell us the details:

We strive to answer your mail within 1 business day.

As you can read in our Checklist we need details for being able to support you, including the ZIP Support File . Please do not tell us "you can download the ZIP Support File from". To avoid risks related to downloading something from unknown-to-us sources on the internet, the helpdesk does not access the internet and download something.

The helpdesk does not access servers from customers because of the liability risk involved.

Our support is limited to our AADS Terminal Server products. It is unfortunately not possible for us to support all those applications that you can run and all those generic IT problems that can happen. We can not answer questions like "does the application XYZ work?" for the simple reason that there are to many applications available for Windows. We do not have enough time and enough staff to test them all. This is why we supply you with a Demo, so you have every opportunity to test AADS Terminal Server with your applications, network, infrastructure, etc.

The HTML-pages as served by the integrated web server can be changed. Please note: our support is limited to AADS Terminal Server. We can not support you on “how to write HTML, CSS, or other web page issues”. It is OK with us if you change the HTML-pages as served by our web server, but it is your responsibility to ensure you write valid, usable and working HTML-pages.


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