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Firewall - Windows Vista

The following information shows how you can open port 3389 on a Windows installation. However, quite often the Windows Firewall is under control of the anti-virus software or other security-related software. Therefore the following information might not always be applicable.


Enable the Windows Vista Firewall


Verify that both:


Create Port Rule

Click on "Add port...".
Enter the name AADS-RDP and the RDP portnumber of AADS Terminal Server .

At the top of the list you will find the entry "AADS-RDP".


Change Port Rule

If you change the RDP portnumber of the AADS Terminal Server to something else, you will also need to change the portnumber in the Windows Vista Firewall.
For example, if the RDP port of your AADServer is 12345, proceed as follows:

The RDP port number of the AADS Terminal Server is set to 12345. This setting must also be done in the Windows Firewall:

AADServer in a Farm

When this Server is used in an AADS Farm, default it will be using port 3390 for the Farm-communication. The protocol is UDP:

Create a port in the Windows Firewall for UDP on port 3390 by clicking on "Add Port":

The result will be:

Additional Firewall Security for the Farm

In the example above, the broadcast address for the Farm is This implies that the Farm is running on the network-scope/range

It is possible to limit the Firewall rule "AADS-Farm-UDP" to the the network-scope/range, which is more secure:


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