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Kaspersky Anti Virus 16.0

Kaspersky Anti Virus 18.0 (Test date Dec 2017)

Kaspersky Anti Virus 18.0 can be installed on an AADServer without any issue.
After the installation there is no need to adjust any Kaspersky Anti Virus 18.0 because of AADS.



Kaspersky Anti Virus 16.0 "bug" (Test date Jun 2016)

Inside each session and desktop, Kaspersky shows itself in the System Tray:

This TrayIcon belongs to the Kaspersky process "avpui.exe", and this process runs in each session of every user.

When an user does a logoff, and the session ends, all processes running inside a session should stop. Since Windows XP, Microsoft has published specifications for software developers such that their software is "notified" about the end of a desktop session and that their process should stop.

When the AADServer is used for several hours / days, unfortunately the Kaspersky "avpui.exe" process does not stop anymore:

In this example of the TaskManager, user Domain004 and Domain002 have done a logoff, but the process "avpui.exe" does not terminate. User Domain004 and Domain002 can not login again, because in the perception of Windows, their session is still running because of the Kaspersky software "avpui.exe". And when Domain002 and Domain002 are attempting to login again, they are "connected" to their current session, and are presented with an empty, black desktop, because all other software in their session did properly terminate, so nothing is running anymore on their empty desktop, except "avpui.exe".

This Kaspersky problem is not related to AADS. This Kaspersky problem does also appear when using Fast User Switching on Windows. This ability to do Fast User Switching is available since Windows XP and offers multiple logins and multiple desktops on Windows.
Customers have also send us ZIP Support Files containing the same problem. This "bug" is not something that exclusively happens on our server.

It is possible to use Kaspersky, if the Server is rebooted every morning. The bug seems to happen after several logins.


Installation of AADServer

An attempt to install AADS results in the following:

It seems that there is no specific problem with AADS, given the name "Win32.Generic". The term Win32.Generic defines literarily all software that is ever written for Windows since Windows 2000, because those type of software is called Win32-software. It kind of looks that Kaspersky does not allow for anything to run that is named "setup.exe".

It is possible to install AADS on a system with Kaspersky:

Once AADS is installed, there is no problem between Kaspersky and AADS.

Kaspersky Firewall

Kaspersky does have some firewall options, but these options do "forward" to the default Windows Firewall. Therefore be sure to configure the Windows Firewall properly.

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