Bitdefender Antivirus Free


Bitdefender Antivirus Free does not make it possible to install AADS, because when it is attempted to install AADS, Bitdefender does quickly delete the AADS exe-files before AADSetup is able to finish its job:

The qualification "potential" does make clear that Bitdefender has not really detected any problem; there might be problem; there might not be a problem, just to be sure, let's delete the file...

Disabling Bitdefender does not help:

AADS files are still deleted.


The silliness with Bitdefender does not end with that. Before trying again to install AADS,
AADS files and folder were added to the Bitdefender Exclusion list:


However, with the next attempt to install AADS, not only did Bitdefender delete files that were inside an "Exclusion Folder", rendering the functionality of "Exclusion Folder" pretty much pointless;
Bitdefender did also delete a TXT-LOG file and ICO files, and that is just too silly. After this we gave up on our attempts to use Bitdefender.


Bitdefender Internet Security 2016

For 2 reasons we do recommend not to use Bitdefender on an AADServer:

Bitdefender Firewall disables / prevents Domain Joining

The Bitdefender Firewall does somehow disables / prevents the AADServer to be part of a Domain. When attempting to join the Domain, the result is error code 1355.

We have not been able to find a setting in Bitdefender such to make Domain Joining possible, except for the setting to disable the Bitdefender Firewall. Once the Bitdefender Firewall is disabled, Domain Joining works as usual and OK.


Bitdefender disables AADS

Bitdefender continuously disables AADS files and settings. The accompanying Event Text from Bitdefender contains the phrase "potentially", implying that not really a problem is detected, but despite that Bitdefender does disable the AADS software:

We have not been able to find settings within Bitdefender such that it would accept AADS files and settings.

There are some settings within Bitdefender that might give the Administrator the impression (illusion...) that settings are possible such that Bitdefender would be OK with AADS Files and settings:

but none of these settings did prohibit Bitdefender from disabling AADS files and settings.

The unavoidable conclusion is therefore that Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 might be a good product for a single user, single desktop, single login, single session Windows PC, but it can not be used on a multi user, multi desktop, multi login, multi session AADServer.


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