AADS TestTool Generate Users and Groups

For testing AADS we need to have "many" users and groups. We have our own tool for quickly generating users and / or groups:

The tool can be used for

When creating users, the password of the user is identical to the username. For example

For testing, this is convieniant. Be sure not to use this tool in a production environment...

Because the password is identical to the username, it is required that the Password Policy does allow for this. On Desktop versions of Windows, this is default allowed. On Server versions of Windows, this is default not allowed. Therefore, before using this tool on Windows Server, first change the password policy as follows:


Example Creating Users

Result on Windows 7:


Example Deleting Users

All of the 100 users we have created earlier, are deleted...


Example Generating Groups

Local Groups

Desktop versions of Windows do only have what is called "Local Groups".
"Global Groups" are only relevant on a Domain Controller.

Example 50 Local Groups on Windows 7:


Global Groups

"Global Groups" are only relevant on a Domain Controller. A Domain Controller does also have "Local Groups", but within the context of AADS, a "Local Group" on a Domain Controller is not relevant. Within the context of AADS, only "Global Groups" on the Domain Controller are relevant.

In the following example Server 2003 is used as a Domain Controller. The tool is used twice on this Domain Controller:


AADS Maintenance shows the created Domain Groups:


Download AADSTestToolGenerateUsers.exe

AADSTestToolGenerateUsers.exe can be downloaded here .


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