Next build AADS Terminal Server




Next build AADS Terminal Server

(updated 30 Aug 2018)

Auto Update AADServer

Update AADS Client for Linux

Because of xfreerdp updates, AADS Client for Linux will be updated.

Bug Fix / Improvement

Using Microsoft RDP Client, using 2 or more screens in a remote session, using Application Control, it is required that only the main screen shows a taskbar with the AADS Menu, such to avoid that the AADS Menu is shown on the main screen, while at the same time the default Windows Menu is shown on the other screens.

Fixes and improvements

Fixes and improvements, based on the ZIP Support Files we do receive.

Bug fix RDP Firewall

When copying an IPA Address to the Black or White list, it is not possible to Save the Black or White list.

Work Around

Use the TAB or Cursor Keys to create a new empty line, as if you want to add manually an IP Address. This will "enable" the READ and SAVE button in the Black and White list.


Own Explorer

We are considering to deliver our own, simple "Explorer" as a replacement for the Windows Explorer. It will offer the user a desktop experience similar to what is known since Windows XP. The Administrator has the ability to limit the functionality as available to the user. It will not contain an AppStore. It can be used for running the usual Desktop Applications.

Built-in Firewall

Some more Firewall rules. For example:

Improvement File transfer

Some kind of "smart resume" options, in case of a re-connected RDP sessions, between the same Client and Server.

More languages / translations

A separate project within AADS WorldWide has been started to translate the product to (many) more languages.

Chat functionality

We are considering to deliver a Chat functionality that runs on our RDP+ protocol. The Chat function we have in mind, runs by the AADServer, and by doing so, whatever is being chatted by the employees, stays within the your own company, your own AADServer. Nothing is shared with WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, AADS WorldWide LTD, etc, etc.

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